Frequently asked questions

What are Enzo Nail Designs polish wraps?

Enzo nail polish wraps give you a nail salon quality manicure or pedicure in minutes. Enzo Nail Designs polish wraps are 100% nail polish. Each strip has three layers – base coat, color, and top coat.  

How long will my nail polish wraps last?

Enzo Nail Designs manicure should last up to 2 weeks and pedicure up to 4 weeks. Enzo nail polish wraps have a top coat to keep your polish looking fabulous but keep in mind that everyone's nails are different so the duration will vary from person to person.

How do I know what size to use?

Select the best wrap size by placing the template over your nail with the curved end up to the cuticle. The right fit will cover the nail but will not overlap onto the skin. We suggest using a wrap slightly smaller than your nail, so it lies completely flat with no air bubbles.

What if my nail is too big or too small for the nail wraps?

If your nail wrap doesn't fit to your nail. You should use the next size up and trim the nail wrap down to fit your nail. We recommend using a wrap that is just smaller than your nail to avoid the wrap touching skin or cuticles. Using a wrap that is too large and which overlaps onto your skin or cuticles may cause lifting at the edges.

Are nail polish wraps safe?

Enzo nail wraps are SGS and MSDS certified. Just like using nail polish, nail wraps apply to your nails with special components enabling it to stick to the nail base. If you have any allergic reactions to nail polishes do not use this product.

Are nail polish wraps tested on animal?

Our manufacturer verified that no animal testing has been performed on nail wraps sold by Enzo.

Are nail polish wraps waterproof?

Yes. The adhesive on nail wraps are pressure and heat sensitive and create a waterproof seal if they are applied correctly.

You do not have to apply a base coat when using Enzo nail polish wraps. However, applying a top coat will make the nail wraps last longer.

How do I remove the nail polish wraps?

Enzo nail polish wraps are easily removed with nail polish remover.

Can Enzo nail polish wraps be shipped to Canada?

Yes! We can ship to Canada.

What is Enzo return policy?

Please check the link below to learn more about our policy.