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Product description:

  • Material: nail polish,non-toxic.
  • Application: Nail stickers or nail wraps
  • Stretchability: Excellent
  • Certification: MSDS/SGS.
  • Package: Individually wrapped and vacuum-sealed packages.

Each strip contains a base, color, and top coat for a brilliant, salon-quality manicure.They are easily removed with nail polish removal. Each set contains 14 or 16 strips in varying sizes, which can be gentle stretched to fit any nail perfectly.

Instructions for use:

1. File the edge of the nail plate surface.

2. Choose the appropriate sticker size.

3. Remove the top transparent protective layer and raise the nail sticker by holding the silver strip.

4. Place the round side at nail base and press firmly (You can gently pull off and re-position without damaging the strip).

5. Push the nail sticker from the inside out to the edge.You can gently stretch up and down for a wrinkle free surface.

6. File downward to remove any excess nail sticker.

7. Apply a top coat on the nail wraps to make it last longer.